About us






About Deep Impact Coaching

DeepImpact is an integrated people development solutions company based in Cairo, Egypt. Consists of a team of highly certified professionals;

DeepImpact is different from others because it makes learning and workshops fun and energetic!

DeepImpact is committed to introduce newly trainings and development techniques in Egypt from around the world to enhance the skills of the human capitals in Egypt leading to better opportunities and fulfilling bigger dreams it also promises that it will affect a person’s mind as well as his/her heart.

DeepImpact truly believes in engaging every single participant Only when a person feels something Deep within his/her heart, change will slowly take place. Anyone can Change!!!

DeepImpact believes passionately in the power of developing competencies of each individual and its Impact on his/her personal and professional life.

DeepImpact encourages individuals to speak out, be more organized and define their targets. It also promotes the idea of sharing the experience

DeepImpact will be your Learning and Development partner, providing international training & development solutions it also will be your own Coach for a newly different beginning for a more successful life

Our Mission

“Introduce newly dynamic international development experiences from around the world to make people fulfill their peak potentials”

Our Vision

“A Highly Competent Individuals choosing the right directions and achieve their own desires”

Our Values


We will provide services that you need; not what we want you to get.


We will provide long term relationships to ensure the continuity on our service.


We ensure that everything is revealed openly and transparently.


We ensure that every experience will be unique and different.


We answer customers’ questions honestly.


We say what we mean. We abide by our values, principles, and beliefs. We never accept a work that violates our values.