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Program Coach & Trainer: John Cassidy-Rice

John is a British coach, recognized and certified international Master NLP Trainer. He has been involved in psychology and personal development for over 15 years. He is the co-founder and principle trainer of NLP Excellence running courses on national and international basis. John has a relaxed refreshing humor and informative style. He is adept at using games, models and music to create an environment where learning is easy and fun. He has a reputation for getting results, a deep understanding of how the mind works and how language affects interaction in life. His trainings are designed to dramatically increase the creativity, teamwork and performance of organizations and individuals through music and learning technologies.

He has worked with many companies such as The Financial Times and Accenture. His work has taken him all over the United Kingdom,and also internationally in Texas and Florida, USA and Australia..

Advanced Trainer Skills Workshop

Training is one of the most dynamic forms of learning. Good training is about imparting information; Great training is about transforming peoples’ lives.

In this Advanced Train the trainer Workshop you will join the elite trainers who can hold a room’s attention and have your attendees wanting more and more. This training is not for someone looking to learn how to train.

This is an advanced set of skills designed to take your training to the next level.

We will cover advanced skills that International NLP trainers use to induce exceptional learning experiences.

This includes 4 questions that you must ask yourself when designing your trainings. If these 4 questions are not answered you will lose people.

Who Should Attend?

EDUCATOR AND TRAINER with Minimum of one year training experience.

And if you are an EDUCATOR AND TRAINER, then you will be able to:-

1. Make your trainings come alive and be memorable by using sensory-based language and descriptive metaphors.

2. Have greater confidence and presence when presenting in front of a group.

3. Accurately assess the needs of a group and be flexible in the way that they meet those needs.

4. Understand different learning styles to develop multiple descriptions for the learning you wish to deliver.

5. Stimulate a desire to learn, and motivating people to do so, and consistently increase participant involvement.

6. Plan and structure your course for maximum learning and integration of the skills within the time available.

7. By reading the responses to your actions, and developing greater flexibility, you continually improve your skills to achieve more consistent results.


Workshop outline

Day 1 ” Charismatic Stage Presence”

Move beyond just standing and talking to a group, to having a group feed from the palm of your hand. Exploring how the brain process?s information and accelerated learning techniques to captivate attention from the start of your sessions.

You will:-

1.Master your physiology to send messages of confidence

2.Align voice dynamics for impact

3.Using a technique from Hollywood to hold people’s attention

4.Enhance your non verbal communications

5.Learn how to set stage anchors and take control of a room and deal with difficult people.

Day 2 ” Language Mastery”

Building on day one; let’s explore how language affects thinking and how you can use language to influence learning.

You will learn:-

1.NLP Motivational language patterns

2.NLP language patterns of influence

3.NLP Language patterns to uncover blocks

4.Advanced story telling skills

Day 3 ” Advanced Accelerated Learning Skills”

Overcome the effects of past negative experiences

You will explore:-

1.The latest thinking in learning

2.Memory and how to improve it

3.How to apply different learning methods depending on the task at hand

The Assessment

There will also be an integration and assessment session where you bring together everything you have learnt.

You will be asked to prepare a presentation so that you can receive feedback and track the improvements.

Venue: Holiday Inn City Stars

Course Dates: June 2014

Fees: 4400 EGP/Participant

Early-Bird: Register before 5th of March 2014 for 4000 EGP/Participant

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