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Deep Impact Coaching is seeking to introduce international experience in Egypt through strategic partners.

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NLP Excellence

NLP Excellence is our Strategic Partner from UK. They are specialized in the NLP ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’. They Provide NLP diploma, NLP Practitioner certification and NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching Practitioner All the NLP and Coaching courses are Certified and recognised by the IBPDA ?International Business & Personal Development Association?

Print Human Resource Services,INC.

HRSAC Background: Relied upon globally by world renowned, Fortune-rated and emerging employers of choice, HRS Assessment Center (HRSAC) instruments have been developed or selected by internationally accredited assessors and assessor trainers offering hundreds of years combined experience, called upon by global media to include Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN, SHRM,, Washington Post .. and recognized by the HRCI, IMC, ASTD and a wealth of graduate and undergraduate campuses. Employer return on investment has been reported higher than 75 to 1 within 6 months for middle management talent decisions, safeguarding training, promotion and new hire success. Multi-rater evaluation and precisely reliable/validated scoring keys are applied to ensure consistency and objectivity. Scores measure how often candidates present evidence of competencies to others and in business task results. In business we are evaluated by our results and our actions. The final scoring reports measure natural inclinations, trainability, and preparedness toward specific career paths plus learning goals toward success in specific job descriptions. These specific exercises have been validated against corporate performance appraisal indicators across hundreds of job classifications. These assessments are the “why” to job performance and the blueprint to improved performance and individual career paths. The assessment battery selected combines HRSAC instruments with the popular DiSC, Caliper and TKI profiles plus tools from the Ken Blanchard Companies (The One Minute Manager, Situational Leadership, Gung Ho!, Who Moved My Cheese?)

FDFire Dragon Coaching

Fire Dragon Coaching specializes in delivering 1-2-1 coaching and training for personal and business empowerment. We help you get what you want.

We offer a wide range of high quality, professionally delivered training courses and using a number of techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy; and business improvement techniques. Fire Dragon Coaching runs training in the UK, the Maldives, Egypt, Malaysia, Philippines & India.

Whether you’re looking for tailored NLP business training, to improve your recruitment or sales skills; or whether you want to gain a qualification in NLP, or if your aim is to set new goals or enhance your personal or business performance with 1-2-1 coaching. Whatever it is, we’ll design a personalized plan of action to ensure you achieve it. And the results will be tangible!

Our courses train in a number of areas including Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills, Communication & Networking, Sales & Negotiation, Female Empowerment, Goal Setting, and Courses to deliver high impact complementary health sessions.

1. EARN MORE MONEY: Get the order, get the promotion, and beat out the competition.

2. GET THE RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE: be the winner everyone envies, take control of on-the-job as well as personal situations in your life.

3. GET THE WORK-LIFE BALANCE YOU WANT: choose when you work, love your work and earn the money YOU choose.

4. GET THE RELATIONSHIP YOU DREAM ABOUT: you’ll know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. You’ll learn how to attract what you want.


Storwars is our Startegic Business Simulation Partner. Storewars is one of the world’s most sophisticated total business simulations used by the leading FMCG manufacturers & retailers in over 40 countries. It is a unique management development program that examines the interaction between suppliers and retailers. Storewars participants essentially run an FMCG business and while managing the firm, its strategy and its resources, they develop an intuitive understanding of business, its functional elements and ways to achieve a strong profitable position in the market by establishing win-win cooperation. Practice of business decision making and negotiation skills is relevant to every business person, who as a simulation participant is provided with the substantial authority and responsibility since the team must act on their decisions and live with the consequences.