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Meet John Cassidy

John has been involved in NLP and personal development for over 15 years. A recognized and certified international Master NLP Trainer. He has become sought after as a Mentor in NLP. He is the co-founder and principle trainer of NLP Excellence running courses on national and international basis. John has a relaxed refreshing humor and informative style. He is adept at using games, models and music to create an environment where learning is easy and fun. He has a reputation for getting results,a deep understanding of how the mind works and how language affects interaction in life. His trainings are designed to dramatically increase the creativity,teamwork and performance of organizations and individuals through music and learning technologies. He has worked with many companies such as The Financial Times and Accenture. His work has taken him all over the United Kingdom,and also internationally in Texas and Florida, USA and Australia..

IBPDA Recognised And Accredited Coach Training

Are You Ready to be a Certified Coach for Life Coaching or Business Coaching?

Join now and develop a coaching toolkit that suits your own style of coaching.

Who Should Attend?

Anybody looking to become a coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Experienced coaches,Teachers and Trainers, CEO’s,Entrepreneurs,Managers and Sales managers,Supervisors And Team Leaders,Human Resource,Individuals committed to personal development

LEARN how to analyse feedback to co-create the client’s developmental story (strengths and limitations) while connecting the data to an action plan.

DEVELOP a personal coaching “point-of-view” informed by current coaching models, research, “best practices” and a deepened self awareness.

Gain a comprehensive coaching skill set, which includes applying coaching to business, sports, health, career and personal one to one coaching. You can be ensured that your NLP skills are fully integrated into your coaching skills. Niche coaching has grown and an understanding of how you apply your coaching skills to different areas can mean the difference in your coaching practice. Included in your course: health, fitness, business, children, school, management and wealth coaching. We will provide you with templates for all the forms you need to start you coaching practice, including intake forms, letters of agreement, sample adverts and progress and accountability sheets.

You will cover:

  • The key coaching model
  • The Advanced coaching model
  • Coaching ethics and why they are important
  • The need for a coach – client agreement
  • How to develop your coaching presence
  • Gaining trust in the coaching relationship
  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning skills
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Designing actions
  • Managing progress and accountability
  • Marketing plan for growing your business
  • Running your own coaching practice
  • How to integrate coaching into your work place
  • Working with limiting beliefs
  • Tools to tap into values for lasting motivation

Coaching Practitioner level 1 (Day 1 & 2 ):

  •  What is coaching
  •  Overview of the coaching process: rapport, listening, observation
  •  The COACH model
  •  What is rapport
  •  Rapport exercise
  •  What is Observation (sensory acuity
  •  COACH model
  •  Demonstration of coaching
  •  Non-judgmental as a skill
  •  Non- directive language
  •  Listening as a skill
  •  Levels of listening
  •  Coaching Beliefs
  •  Attribute of a great coach
  •  Goal setting
  •  Barriers to goal setting

Coaching Practitioner level 2 (Day 3 ,4 & 5 ):

  • Questions as a skill
  • Open questions, closed questions, complex questions, casual questions
  • Feedback
  • The difference between objective and subjective
  • Types of behaviors and issues within coaching
  • Language in coaching
  • Coaching game
  • Contextual Language
  • Disc profiling and coaching
  • NLP and coaching
  • Innovation in coaching
  • Speed coaching
  • Provocative coaching
  • Niche coaching

To become an IBPDA Qualified Coach you will need to undertake the following accreditation process

The Assessment Criteria for the Competency of an Coach graduate are based on:

1. Attend the 5 day Coaching Course

2. Submit 12 worksheets

3. Submit 12 coaching progress sheets

4. Summarize two coaching books from the recommended reading list (1000 words each).

5. Write a 5000 word thesis on coaching, from a list of coaching topics.

6. Submit written test.

7. Depending on how you are going to use coaching you will either submit a coaching business plan for your own practice or a company integration plan covering how intend integrate coaching into your work place

Venue: Holiday Inn City Stars

Course Dates: 3rd March 2015 – 7th March 2015

Fees: 7700 EGP/Participant

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