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Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers
Employee Assessment Center to identify employees who will prosper with promotion or job change.

  • Role Play, Case Studies, InBasket Excercise, Analysis Presentation, Group Discussion...etc,
  • Career Guidance

    Provide competency development to prepare you for your next career move
  • Provide one-2-one coaching to help you overcome all your obstacles for achieving brighter future
  • Improve your Reading, Listening & Communication Skills
  • World-Class Training

  • International Trainers from arround the world
  • Certified Coaching, Life Coach or a Business Coach Training to help people acheive their goals and unleash their potentials
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner
  • Psychology of Marketing
  • Business Simulation
  • Leadership & Management

    Impact-2-Lead Development Program to enhance your leadership & management skills through Assessment, Training and Coaching
  • Provide you with a Self-review
  • About Deep Impact Coaching

    DeepImpact is different from others because it makes learning and workshops fun and energetic!
  • DeepImpact is committed to introduce new trainings and development techniques in Egypt from around the world to enhance the skills of the human capitals in Egypt leading to better opportunities and fulfilling bigger dreams; it also promises that it will affect a person's mind as well as his/her heart
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